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June 15, 2008

As of June 15th, the Seattle Mariners are 21-45. They have an impressive three wins since 6/1, and are headed for their second straight twenty-loss month. In honor of this achievement, I thought we might check out where various other teams were after 66 games. Each team’s final record is in paranthesis.

The 2004 Mariners (63-99): 28-38

The 2007 Mariners (88-74): 35-31

The 2001 Mariners (116-46): 52-14

The 1998 Yankees (114-48): 49-17

The 2003 Tigers (43-119): 17-49

The 2004 Diamondbacks (51-111): 27-39

The 2002 Devil Rays (55-106): 22-44

The 1992 Mariners (64-98): 29-37

The 1980 Mariners (59-103): 29-36


Go Rays

June 5, 2008
The Seattle Mariners are on pace to become the first team in baseball history to have both a payroll over $100M and 100+ losses on the season.
The Mariners spent four of their first five picks of today’s amateur draft selecting relievers. Relief pitchers are the one single position the organization already had an abundance of talent of.
They were swept by an Angels team this week despite Lopez having 3 HR, RA Dickey being awesome, Erik Bedard starting a game, and the Angels playing all three games without John Lackey, Kelvim Escobar, and Vlad Guerrero.
Beltre has publicly stated that he does not plan on resigning with the team.
They gave away Cha Seung Baek to the Padres for next to nothing.
They refuse to start Brandon Morrow.
The team literally does not believe in the merits of modern metrics for judging talents’ defense.
Jose Vidro and Richie Sexson still have jobs.
Miguel Cairo: An improvement over Richie Sexson at 1B.
Jose Vidro: Deemed by the team’s management to be a better option at DH than Jeff Clement or Greg Norton.
John McLaren rants about the team’s defense, yet he’s okay with starting Raul Ibanez in left field.
Jeremy Reed and Wlad Balentein are in a platoon.

By the time this team is competive again, Felix will be signing with the Red Sox.

By the time this team is competive again, Ichiro will no longer be a useful ball player.

Bill Bavasi literally made each member of the team sit down in front of their lockers and admit responsibility for being the worst team in baseball.

Despite that Bill Bavasi is responsible for putting this team together.

Jarrod Washburn is still a starter.

Beluga Tits is still a starter.

We’re stuck with Carlos Silva for three more years after this one.

Erik Bedard must hate it in Seattle.

Erik Bedard has an ERA+ of 89 so far on the season.

The team literally does not believe in the merits of modern metrics for judging talents’ defense.

Raul Ibanez, Adrian Beltre, and Jose Lopez are all competing with one another for who leads the team in OPS. They’re all hovering around .750.

JJ Putz is likely gone this July.

For Chuck James.
Kenji is still resigned through 2011.           

Kenji’s extension means that Jeff Clement, who was drafted as a catcher, is likely our future first baseman or DH.
The reason we took Jeff Clement over mashers like Cameron Maybin and Ryan Braun was precisely because he can catch.
Have you noticed how much weight Yuniesky has gained? He is no longer adequate at shortstop.
Even if John McLaren or Bill Bavasi goes, these problems are going to continue for as long as Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong run the front office.

Did I miss anything?