Ichiro’s Poor Start to Spring Training

March 12, 2008

Ichiro has been in a 0-21 slump to start Spring Training. Not only do I say “So what?”, I’d also add an unequivocal “Great” to that.

Ichiro began his historic 2004 season batting .255 with a .613 OPS through April. He went on to bat .400+ for four of the next five months, including .463 (!) in August.

In 2006, Ichiro began the season by hitting a modest .287 in April, with a .705 OPS. In May, he hit .371/.862.

Last year? A solid .305 BA in April, followed by a cool .357 in May.

 I generally hate to batting average to make a point, but there really is one to prove here. This isn’t Ichiro’s first slump, and it certainly won’t be his last. Until Ichiro ends a season with fewer than 200 hits or a batting average below .300, I wouldn’t worry. I’d rather his slump be in March than in April. And evidence suggests that when his slump is over, hopefully sometime around March 31st, he’ll give us something to really talk about.



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