Peter Angelos is a Terrible Man

February 7, 2008

So we’re getting Erik Bedard.  Well, Erik Bedard is totally awesome, so I’ve gotten over the loss of Adam Jones.  But for goodness’ sake, when will we actually get Erik Bedard and lose Adam Jones?  This saga has dragged out over a month and has gone from terrifying to exciting to boring to downright hilarious.

Erik Bedard is in Seattle today.  Wait no, he’s still in Canada.  Oh hey, another source is confirming him in Seattle.  But Andy McPhail doesn’t know what’s going on.  Kind of strange for a GM of a baseball team not to know what’s going on with his team, but I’ll just pretend that makes sense and take it.  Hey, Tillman’s been notified he’s in the trade.  Wait a minute, nevermind, this source says he’s unaware he’s been traded, but he has been asked to stop working out in Peoria.

It’s just a big basket full of ridiculous, a basket that needs to be emptied.  Adam Jones and George Sherrill took their phyiscals days ago now.  It should take hours to review physical results, not days.  Peter Angelos has a reputation for looking over physical results with far too much scrutiny, but this is insane; this is simply illogical.  If Angelos has not given the go-ahead to Bedard to take a flight to Seattle, then Seattle ought to just start weakening the package.  This is, after all, a business and timeliness does matter.  You’re wasting time we could be spending looking for a new bench bat?  Fine, take your time, but we’re taking Mickolio out if Bedard isn’t here in Seattle tonight.  Tell Angelos that and I bet you Erik Bedard is arriving at Sea-Tac before the end of the night.

Angelos ego and hubris have cost him before.  He vetoed Aaron Sele’s contract due to what he deemed to be an important medical issue before Sele signed with the Mariners and went on to be a key part of some good Mariner teams.  If Angelos doesn’t sign off on this deal he’ll have to deal with watching Adam Jones become an All-Star and at least one of the three pitching prospects make some sort of contribution to the big league roster in the next few years.  Not to mention, he’ll have to watch an elite setup man dominate hitters at the same time.  So I’m fine with Angelos not signing off on the deal.  I’m fine with Angelos putting this deal through.  The only thing I’m not fine with him doing is what he’s doing now–stalling, waiting, laboring to make a decision.

Angelos may be a great lawyer, but he’s a terrible baseball man.  He has no idea how to run a team or how to let his general manager and medical staff do their jobs.  You’re an idiot, Mr. Angelos.  No one in the game respects you, and no one is going to remember you after you kick the bucket for being anything but a greedy, foolish old man who didn’t have the mental capacity to realize he’s been hurting his baseball team for years.  You’re a fool, Peter.  So please, for the sake of all of us, sign off on this deal and do us all a favor and sell the franchise.  There’s a nursing home calling your name.

May the Mariners never do business with your terrible organization ever again.


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