Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals

December 8, 2007

Unlike in years past, the Cardinals aren’t a terrible team this year, they’re just slightly below average and playing in a weak division. Cardinals fans will be quick to point out that they beat two teams we didn’t (Cleveland and Pittsburgh) but they also lost to the 49ers twice so comparing opponents each team has beaten really doesn’t matter much at this point. This game isn’t as easy of a win as most Seahawks fans think, and there are a few problems that you should watch for during the game.

What we should worry about as Seahawk fans has been talked about on Field Gulls, a Seahawks blog. Chris Gray has been declining all year, and with Shaun Alexander taking twenty seconds to hit the hole in the back field, it could spell disaster if Gray declines even more this Sunday…Mo Morris should be starting at Running Back and if he was paired with even someone like Porkchop or Willis at Right Guard our offense would be in better shape Sunday and for the rest of the season. Holmgren is holding on to the past by playing Chris Gray and Shaun Alexander while the way to win is to play with Morris and a new right guard.

Potential mismatches many have talked about are the Arizona wide receivers with our Cornerbacks. First of all, only one of the two will likely play. Second of all, while Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are very very good, Trufant and Jennings are vastly underrated cover Corners. On Jump balls, Fitz beats Jennings, and Boldin can break tackles and bruise Trufant pretty well, but in man coverage on normal passes our Cornerbacks have a chance. John Marshall does have a strange tendency to call Zone coverage on 3rd down though, which our DBs are worse at than man coverage, so that may be where we get exposed a bit. All year it seems we get into 3rd and 10 and we drop our guys into zone coverage beyond the first down marker and sure enough the opposing team throws a little underneath pass and gets yards after the catch for the first down. This is because of the Zone coverages being called, and because Brian Russell can’t do anything but blow coverage and miss tackles and allow the big play when that’s all he was brought in to stop.

We’re the superior team talent wise, but we’re poorly coached (Holmgren was once a genius but he’s now not what he used to be. He made St. Louis and Philly much closer than they needed to be) and have a few glaring holes (RG, FS, Nickel CB, RB when Alexander plays, TE is average but could be better) RB and RG are big holes for us, so those are the ones to keep your eye on this Sunday.

On paper, the Seahawks have a much stronger team and should dominate the Cardinals at home. In reality, this game will probably be very close and I’ll probably yell and scream and get pissed off in the Stands come Sunday. Looking forward to a good game…and the Seahawks should win.

And hey, if I get lucky, I get to see my home team clinch a playoff spot in front of me for the first time in my life. Here’s hoping. Don’t mess it up for me, Coach Holmgren. Just bench Shaun and Chris Gray.


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  1. Hey guys, I’ve got a blog called Mariner Nation and I was trying to get a hold of Red to see if he can do an interview or something for us. If you’ve got his email it would be much appreciated if you could email it to me at mariner_nation@yahoo.com

    P.S. GO SEAHAWKS. Warner’s gonna get smashed up today and may end up leaving the game.

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